Untuk Mona Bukan Lisa

Sebuah Puisi Untuk Mona Bukan Lisa. Sepanjang Tahun 2013 ini, I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not Beautiful. Semoga dia tersenyum lagi tanpa Beban. Poem For Mona Not Lisa and Not Fendi also..
Untuk Mona Bukan Lisa


You said you were eighteen
and asked how old I might have been

I could pass off as eighteen
if you add six and nine
but don’t read it as sixty nine

I’ll open your enigmatic grin
on the green field in June
like Mona Lisa forever smiling
if you care to give me a wing

Primary source: Untuk Mona Bukan Lisa
Permalink: http://www.hootoh.my/2013/12/untuk-mona-bukan-lisa.html


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