Barakah Ramadan The doors to Everything Good

Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak 1435 Hijrah. Tiada Kata-Kata Inspirasi atau Ucapan Ramadhan yang lebih istimewa dari Doa Kejayaan sesama Islam dalam mencari Barakah Ramadan The doors to Everything Good dan Malam Lailatul Qadar the Night of Destiny, Night of Power, Night of Value, the Night of Decree or Night of Measures (Lail al-Qadr). Ya Allah! Open for me The doors to everything Good. In Sya Allah.

Barakah Ramadan The doors to Everything Good

Ya Allah! Open for me the doors to everything good..
The doors to peace and secyourity, The doors to knowledge, The doors to health and wellness, The doors of YOUR barakah, The doors to strength and perseverance, The doors to YOUR blessings, The doors to YOUR forgiveness, The doors to love and care, The doors to YOUR mercy, The doors to YOUR sustenance, The doors to Jannah! Oh Allah! The Most Gracious! The Most Merciful!

Ahlan wa Sahlan wa Marhaban yaa Ramadhan

Welcome Ramadan Al Mubarak 2014, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Much more respect to all Muslims who look forward to the Holy month of Ramadan which is full of goodness and blessings. Both Muslim and Muslimah start to fast a little earlier than sunrise and break it at sunset and also stop themselves from all the evil and bad things and habits throughout the fast.

Rich people get a chance to realize what hunger and thirst is and at the same time come forward to help the poorer. We can make Allah happy in various ways in the month of Ramadan as we fast for Allah and He will give us reward for our fasting. Be really good not only this month but at all the time. In Sya Allah

Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan sekelian alam. Selawat serta salam buat junjungan mulia Nabi Muhammad sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam, keluarga serta para sahabat dan pengikut yang istiqamah menuruti baginda hingga ke hari kiamat.

Ceriakan Bulan Ramadahan ini dengan perkongsian pautan bermanfaat seperti berikut

As the Pelita 7 Likur light flame, Your life may always be happiness claim.
As the mountain high, You move without sigh. Like the white linen flair, Purity is always an affair. As sunshine creates morning glory, fragrance fills years as flory. With the immaculate eternal smile, attached to u mile after mile. All darkness is far away, as light is on its way.

Hootoh Blog Wish all of u a Barakah Ramadan The doors to Everything Good and very Happy Salam Ramadan Al-Mubarak.

Source: Barakah Ramadan The doors to Everything Good


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